Signs of Great Service

On one occasion, I came across this sign when visiting a very popular dining spot. It was written on receipt tape, and pegged to the regular sign created for the restaurant. Its message was intended to re-direct customers upstairs past the store and to the dining portion of the restaurant. I will grant you that … Read moreSigns of Great Service

The Science of Creating Value at Rackspace

The Science of Offering Value at Rackspace

Rackspace Hosting is one of those great companies. It’s like the little engine that could. Its fanatical service drives them not just to be the best server hosting company ever, it’s working to be better than other world-class organizations such as Nordstrom, Disney or Ritz-Carlton. As a result, they are the number one hosting provider on … Read moreThe Science of Creating Value at Rackspace

Flattening the Organization

Flattening the organization is not a new idea. There are many advantages for flattening an organization. Doing so helps to improve communications throughout, enhance flexibility in decision making, and better engage employees on the front line. The challenge is that most organizations “Hard Wire” that in place by creating a new organizational structure where a … Read moreFlattening the Organization

Looking Inside the Box

Part of the opportunity/challenge with creating great products is the packaging. The packaging can be a great marketing opportunity, selling consumers on the fine points of what they are buying. But even with the best packaging, consumers often want to see what they are going to get for their money. The biggest nemesis are packaged … Read moreLooking Inside the Box

Lessons For Chevrolet

A new article in Time Magazine talks about Chevrolet’s efforts to improve its brand by bringing their sales teams to The Disney Institute to learn how to improve customer service. But is it working? The article mentions two major problems: 1. Frustrated Chevrolet sales personnel being compelled to go to Disney to learn customer service at Disney from The … Read moreLessons For Chevrolet

2015 Harris Poll: Reputation of America’s Greatest Companies

This February, Harris Poll has come out with its 2015 Reputation Quotient. It provides a scorecard of the reputations of the most visible companies in the U.S. as perceived by the general public, as well as by opinion elites–something that is new to the annual Harris Poll. It’s based on the following dimensions: Vision & … Read more2015 Harris Poll: Reputation of America’s Greatest Companies

Measurement on the Run

Measurement on the Run

Sometimes we think of analyzing our guests as being laborious and complicated. In catching a flight out of Orlando some months ago, we came across this monitor and keypad, asking “How was your experience waiting for your flight today?” Attached was a console with four buttons. It was fairly simple to rate your experience. No … Read moreMeasurement on the Run

Celebrating Guest Service at Disney

One of the best benchmarks for great customer service are the Disney theme parks. This year Disneyland celebrates its Diamond Jubilee. In commemorating this 60th birthday, J. Jeff Kober is posting 60 ideas for improving customer service in your own organization. You can find the first article here. It focuses on providing Guest Service, not just customer service. … Read moreCelebrating Guest Service at Disney

New Book: Disney’s Hollywood Studios: From Show Biz to Your Biz

This newest book by J. Jeff Kober celebrates Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the stories, tales, and lessons behind it! Our organization is about benchmarking best-in-business greats. But Hollywood? That’s the core of J. Jeff Kober’s newest book, Disney’s Hollywood Studios: From Show Biz to Your Biz, published by Theme Park Press. If you love Disney, if … Read moreNew Book: Disney’s Hollywood Studios: From Show Biz to Your Biz