Exceed in Meeting Employee Needs

In our work, Lead With Your Customer, Mark David Jones and I note that there are 5 key universal human needs: The need to be heard and understood, The need to belong and contribute, The need to feel stable and in control, The need to feel significant and special, and The need to be successful and reach … Read moreExceed in Meeting Employee Needs

Reducing Social Harm in the ICU

A new article in the Boston Globe focuses on the affect that healthcare has on patients–even when they are sedated or in an ICU setting. The results show that many patients, though made well by procedures performed on them, end up still be emotionally troubled and traumatized after the experience. In fact, about a quarter … Read moreReducing Social Harm in the ICU

A Simple Subscription–and Prescription for Success

Visited a doctor’s lab for a stress test today. Good news–the test went well. And the staff was really friendly and informative. They gave me some really helpful insight. And they walked (albeit at an incline) me through the entire process. Better–I was out of there in 30 minutes! Unbelievable for being on top of … Read moreA Simple Subscription–and Prescription for Success

Making Business Like a Day at the Beach

One of the original benchmarks in our World Class Benchmarking programs was Celebration Health in Orlando, Florida. Participants were wowed by the experience–even those not in the healthcare field. Celebration Health designed the experience of being a patient there to be more akin to being at a resort hotel. You step into their atrium and all of … Read moreMaking Business Like a Day at the Beach