Government Service Like a Sloth

Have you had this kind of experience? Worse, are you offering this kind of experience.
Have you had this kind of experience? Worse, are you offering this kind of experience.

While the film has yet to come out, the scene couldn’t be funnier. It’s a preview of Disney’s new film, Zootopia, in which a rookie cop needs to run a license plate–fast. That brings us to the one place nothing ever goes quickly–your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You’ll see why in this clip.

We’ve been showing this segment to our government clients over the last couple of months. It really brings home some of the challenges federal, state, and local entities have in delivering service. In DC, they laugh because it reminds them so much of their experience on a Saturday morning in the local Virginia DMV. I’m glad I don’t have that problem in Osceola County, Florida. My first experience was awful when I first came here some 20 years ago. But a few years ago I was out of the building in less than 10 minutes with a brand new driver’s license. They had their processes down to near perfection.

What’s even more troubling–though depicted humorously in this clip–is that this was one government agency trying to serve another government entity. And yet things moved no quicker–even when it seemed to be a matter of great urgency. It’s unfortunate that sometimes the worst service we offer is within our ranks.

Ask yourself:

  • Do we have the emotional intelligence to see how we come across when it comes to hustling and getting something done?
  • Have we really organized to be expeditious in our work?
  • Do we have a sense of urgency?
  • Do we prioritize what matters most, then put greater effort on those higher priorities?
  • Do we feel the consequence of being efficient?

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