What is Government’s Core Vision?

One of the biggest challenges the public sector faces (and most other organizations for that matter) is getting its people pointed in the right direction. At World Class Benchmarking, we work with organizations to create a succinct core vision. Not some verbiage that sits on a plaque, per se, but a clear and succinct declaration … Read moreWhat is Government’s Core Vision?

When The Dust Settles, Delta Airlines Emerges

Press event being held in La Guardia while we were waiting for our next plane. It’s a natural inclination with any organization to “hunker down” as the winds of a major economic turndown overwhelms everyone throughout the country. But World Class organizations manage to forge on in such a way that when the dust settles, … Read moreWhen The Dust Settles, Delta Airlines Emerges

Culinary Team Building Program

Recently, we had an exciting culinary team building program here in Orlando. It’s a popular event with groups who are trying to do something different in building their esprit de corps. Prior to the event, we facilitate a short session around some key concepts in team dynamics. Then we head to the UCF Rosen School … Read moreCulinary Team Building Program

Would You Hire This Person In Your Business?

The Setting says much about the culture at Zappos. In July of 2011, we were in Las Vegas hosting an Executive Session for SHRM. There we had a chance to visit and go behind the scenes with the Wynn Hotel, Whole Foods, and The Las Vegas Convention & Visitor’s Authority. It was a great experience! … Read moreWould You Hire This Person In Your Business?

Caring Until The End

We took this picture when I was with The Disney Institute a number of years ago. Everything in the box actually belongs to my family, including the picture of my grandmother Checketts as a small child, and a quilt made by my grandmother Kober. We took the picture as part of a Disney Institute program … Read moreCaring Until The End

Keeping a Sense of Humor with Compliance

State regulations require shoes and shirt when you enter a public environment such as a restaurant. To that end, a sign is usually found toward the front of the store, insisting on such compliance. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches chooses to use humor to get people to do what is required. It aligns well with their … Read moreKeeping a Sense of Humor with Compliance

Finally Inside an In-and-Out Burger

Mark Jones has worked with this great organization. I personally had visited In-and-Out Burger several times over the years–especially on trips to California. But I had always gone through the drive-in. Therefore, there was not much to judge of the experience other than product and price–which was always great. This last summer I was in … Read moreFinally Inside an In-and-Out Burger