Connecting The Chain Reaction of Excellence

Our thought leadership about how to make organizations successful has led to the following model: Moving from right to left, let’s look at the links that connect these boxes together. Our thesis is that highly satisfied customers–not satisfied customers–are what really create growth and long term success. Let’s look at an example of this in … Read moreConnecting The Chain Reaction of Excellence

How Do You Feel About Customer Service?

Our thought leadership at World Class Benchmarking holds that the best-in-business organizations succeed because highly satisfied customers become loyal customers. And that they are loyal because they are highly satisfied by the customer service they received. So just what happens when someone becomes highly satisfied? American Express did a customer service study in September of … Read moreHow Do You Feel About Customer Service?

The Doorway to Paradise

Over the holidays, our family stepped into a little diner not far from St. Augustine, Florida. The place had a modest, tropical feel, and the food was actually quite delicious. At one point, needing to get my young son to the restroom, I found this sign: I thought this was a funny way to describe … Read moreThe Doorway to Paradise