World-Class Onboarding

World Class Onboarding

What does World-Class Onboarding look like? In our previous article, we spoke about why onboarding matters. World-Class organizations are redefining traditional onboarding approaches that have long been staples in many organizations. Let’s look at some of those approaches: Forms Management: Traditionally, the labor behind filling out forms is often what comes to mind when employees think … Read moreWorld-Class Onboarding

Where “Work Sucks!” Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant

Many employees would say their “work sucks” But few employers will acknowledge it. If there’s an exception, it would be the Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. Just go to their website where they explain the two universal truths: “Anyone can be Irish, given the proper coaxing. And everyone agrees, work does indeed suck. But … Read moreWhere “Work Sucks!” Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant