Lessons For Chevrolet

A new article in Time Magazine talks about Chevrolet’s efforts to improve its brand by bringing their sales teams to The Disney Institute to learn how to improve customer service. But is it working? The article mentions two major problems: 1. Frustrated Chevrolet sales personnel being compelled to go to Disney to learn customer service at Disney from The … Read more

Measurement on the Run

Measurement on the Run

Sometimes we think of analyzing our guests as being laborious and complicated. In catching a flight out of Orlando some months ago, we came across this monitor and keypad, asking “How was your experience waiting for your flight today?” Attached was a console with four buttons. It was fairly simple to rate your experience. No … Read more

The New 2nd Edition of The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney

I’m very excited to announce the 2nd Edition of The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney. When the first edition of The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney came out, my rationale for writing the book came from the fact that I didn’t feel anyone was really telling people what customer service was … Read more

What Makes Sammamish America’s Friendliest Town?

Forbes Magazine has named Sammamish, Washington as the friendliest city in America. With a population of 46,700, this bedroom community to Microsoft was ranked by Nextdoor.com, a San Francisco-based social network for neighborhoods that assess small metro areas with populations between 5,500 and 150,000. There are a number of factors that lend themselves to be … Read more

Do You Provide Excellent “Crappy” Service?

“Service is not only a matter of being pleasant to customers—just as being a doctor is not only a matter of having a comforting bedside manner—but also of understanding the systems that make customer satisfaction possible.” “Understanding how and why the whole system works is the fundamental expertise of service professionals.” “Ideas at Work, “ … Read more

Nordstrom: The Shoe Fits When It Comes To Great Service

Many people know Nordstrom as being one of the best customer-savvy deliverers in the country. And many of those same people have become loyal customers themselves. But because of their very modest corporate culture, few really know what has made this small shoe store become such a major retailer. When we benchmark Nordstrom in our … Read more

Disney’s Four Keys: Improving the Guest Experience

Since the mid 1960s, Disney has had Four Keys for delivering great service: Safety Courtesy Show Efficiency They are a compass for everything Disney does–both strategically and tactically. Both in our work at the Disney Institute, and in the years since, we have worked with countless organizations in helping them define those operational values that … Read more

Keeping a Sense of Humor with Compliance

State regulations require shoes and shirt when you enter a public environment such as a restaurant. To that end, a sign is usually found toward the front of the store, insisting on such compliance. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches chooses to use humor to get people to do what is required. It aligns well with their … Read more