Hard Wiring Team Building

Backing Up Customer Service

CBS This Morning showcased an organization that did a team building event by participating in a water survival class. Survival Systems initially created their programs to help people in the military and first responders prepare under stress-filled situations, like being trapped underwater. But now they are reaching out to corporations who want a unique team … Read more

Flattening the Organization

Most everyone believes in flattening the organization, but to better do so, would you be willing to work a front line position for six months to better understand your organization and customers? Starbucks believes its worth it. Photo by J. Jeff Kober

Flattening the organization is not a new idea. There are many advantages for flattening an organization. Doing so helps to improve communications throughout, enhance flexibility in decision making, and better engage employees on the front line. The challenge is that most organizations “Hard Wire” that in place by creating a new organizational structure where a … Read more