Flattening the Organization

Flattening the organization is not a new idea. There are many advantages for flattening an organization. Doing so helps to improve communications throughout, enhance flexibility in decision making, and better engage employees on the front line. The challenge is that most organizations “Hard Wire” that in place by creating a new organizational structure where a … Read moreFlattening the Organization

Congratulations to Great Organizations

A distinct feature about World Class Benchmarking programs is that we spend very little time in the classroom. We usually are out on the road visiting some of the really great organizations out there. They must be great, because eight of those organizations we have  benchmarked showed up this year in Fortune 100 Magazine’s Top … Read moreCongratulations to Great Organizations

Nordstrom: The Shoe Fits When It Comes To Great Service

Many people know Nordstrom as being one of the best customer-savvy deliverers in the country. And many of those same people have become loyal customers themselves. But because of their very modest corporate culture, few really know what has made this small shoe store become such a major retailer. When we benchmark Nordstrom in our … Read moreNordstrom: The Shoe Fits When It Comes To Great Service