Join us in San Antonio!

We’re providing a great one-day benchmarking program in San Antonio as part of the SHRM Emerging LEAD(HR) conference. We’ve partnered with SHRM in the past to provide these events, which have included incredible benchmarks such as The Mayo Clinic, McDonald’s Hamburger University, JetBlue, and Scripps Hospital. Our programs stand apart from the rest of the … Read more

Core Values at Red Door Interactive

Last fall, our pre-conference workshop with the SHRM Strategy Conference visited Red Door Interactive. Red Door is an up-and-coming internet marketing agency based in San Diego, with additional offices in Denver. Many organizations have core values. Red Door does too. It includes these four: Inspire–Encouraging others through inspiration. Share–Impart everything–what you have and what you … Read more

Do You Provide Excellent “Crappy” Service?

“Service is not only a matter of being pleasant to customers—just as being a doctor is not only a matter of having a comforting bedside manner—but also of understanding the systems that make customer satisfaction possible.” “Understanding how and why the whole system works is the fundamental expertise of service professionals.” “Ideas at Work, “ … Read more