Trick or Treat at Home Depot

A tradition growing up in my home, and later with my kids, was carving pumpkins. This exercise in creativity had an important purpose: It was an invitation to let trick or treaters know that they could come to our home to get candy. We knew when going out, if there wasn’t some pumpkin or other decoration in the window, to move on to the next house.

I passed by my Home Depot and found the same invitation–not to candy, but to their store in general. It wasn’t part of some effort to sell Halloween lights. It was really just a way to welcome customers this time of year. It also was used to highlight their services. Here’s one for the lighting section:

This set of pumpkins focused on the paint department:

And of course, the most terrifying one is at the cash register:

It’s a simple thing really, but consciously or sub-consciously, it sends a message of friendliness and hospitality. Ask yourself, what do you do to highlight your products and services in a friendly way around the holidays?