World-Class Onboarding

World-Class Onboarding

World Class Onboarding
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What does World-Class Onboarding look like? In our previous article, we spoke about why onboarding matters. World-Class organizations are redefining traditional onboarding approaches that have long been staples in many organizations. Let’s look at some of those approaches:

Forms Management: Traditionally, the labor behind filling out forms is often what comes to mind when employees think about the hassle of starting a new job. World-class organizations offer one-stop inputing during the selection phase, which minimizes the task of filling out forms later on.

Orientation: This exercise is largely a focus on policies and procedures, such as where to park and how to fill out a timesheet. It is typically more didactic in nature and is carried out by HR. A completely different paradigm is that of organizations who see the orientation as an important rite of passage. It focuses on understanding the brand, the culture, and the values of the organization.

Job Development. Generally, this is a focus on technical skills, if formal development occurs at all. Great corporate universities on the other hand encompass both soft skills as well as the formal skill development.

Socialization. If this happens, it happens at best in an informal or incidental way. World-class organizations choose to structure formal and informal opportunities to socialize. Mapping out such is an intentional part of the onboarding experience.

Culturalization. Great organizations are intentional about creating a culture formally and informally to making employees feel more engaged and connected. This is a contrast to traditional approaches where you either “get it” or don’t. Those who don’t think this through are leaving to chance that people will assimilate into the culture. Or, the employees end up learning it “the hard way.” The end result is that you will either “sink or swim”.

Managing New Employee Directions. Unless the new employee speaks up, we should assume that “no news is good news”. World-class organizations take the temperature along the way, allowing us to provide recovery before losing employees.

How do you approach your onboarding? Do you take the more traditional route, or are you thinking out the box? World-class organizations take ordinary onboarding processes and make them extraordinary. Keeping new employees on and inspired is critical. Think about what you can do to make it engaging.

By Mark David Jones and J. Jeff Kober.
By Mark David Jones and J. Jeff Kober.

Again, consider the possibilities for improving your organization by emphasizing the onboarding experience.  At World Class Benchmarking, we think that it’s a part of employee engagement. Our book, Lead With Your Customer: Transform Culture and Brand into World Class Excellence, emphasizes the role onboarding has toward the internal customer experience. Grab it on Kindle or a copy through Amazon today.

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