Connecting The Chain Reaction of Excellence

World Class Benchmarking's Chain Reaction of Excellence.

Our thought leadership about how to make organizations successful has led to the following model: Moving from right to left, let’s look at the links that connect these boxes together. Our thesis is that highly satisfied customers–not satisfied customers–is what really creates for growth and long term success. Let’s look at an example of this … Read more

The Potbelly Promise

Every restaurant has a potbelly stove in it, symbolizing warmth, dependability, family and fun. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

In our work, we talk about 6 P’s: Promise–It’s our commitment to the customer. Based on that we deliver on that promise through the following four delivering systems: People–Employees working 1:1 on the front line to support the customer experience. Place–The location where your products and services are offered–physically or virtually. Process–Policies, procedures and guidelines that … Read more

Reward & Recognition at the Walt Disney World Resort

The name tag emphasizes the idea that the individual has worked to help dream, create, and inspire others.

In consulting with organizations, we often highlight the importance of reward and recognition to the culture. Disney has been doing this for many years in a variety of ways. Here’s a snapshot at where various programs that impact those who work at the Walt Disney World Company. Disney Legends This is the highest honorary acclaim given to outstanding individuals … Read more

World-Class Onboarding Activities

JetBlue's training facilities in Orlando, Florida. Photo by J. Jeff Kober.

In a previous article we spoke about why onboarding should matter to your organization. In a secondary article we looked at what components makes onboarding world class. Here we look at over a dozen great companies and what they do to make onboarding succeed on a variety of onboarding issues: Forms  Management. The State of Minnesota and … Read more

World Class Onboarding

World Class Onboarding

What does World-Class Onboarding look like? In our previous article we spoke about why on boarding matters. World-Class organizations are redefining traditional onboarding approaches that have long been staple in many an organization. Let’s look at some of those approaches: Forms Management: Traditionally the labor behind filling out forms is often what comes to mind when … Read more

Why Onboarding Matters


Why does onboarding matter? According to research from the Aberdeen group, 90% of employees make the decision to stay at a firm within six months of joining an organization. It’s critical to make those first months succeed, particularly if organizations have made a serious investment in selecting the best-fit employees. Indeed, some 76% of organizations … Read more

Working Across the Table in the Senate

Vice President Joe Biden appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

Last week during the Democrat National Convention, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Morning Joe to discuss his decision not to run as a candidate, and other issues surrounding the 2016 election. But what caught my attention was not a dialogue about politics, but about working together: Here is that conversation by the host, Joe … Read more