Reducing Social Harm in the ICU

A new article in the Boston Globe focuses on the affect that healthcare has on patients–even when they are sedated or in an ICU setting. The results show that many patients, though made well by procedures performed on them, end up still be emotionally troubled and traumatized after the experience. In fact, about a quarter … Read moreReducing Social Harm in the ICU

Laying New Ideas for Customer Service at Chick-fil-A

It’s interesting what you’ll experience when you visit different Chick-fil-A locations. Here are three examples I’ve recently found: 1. At a restaurant near to us we were given a color coded sign to place at your table after we ordered, rather than requiring us to wait at the counter. They then brought the food to us. The intent … Read moreLaying New Ideas for Customer Service at Chick-fil-A

How Do You Feel About Customer Service?

Our thought leadership at World Class Benchmarking holds that the best-in-business organizations succeed because highly satisfied customers become loyal customers. And that they are loyal because they are highly satisfied by the customer service they received. So just what happens when someone becomes highly satisfied? American Express did a customer service study in September of … Read moreHow Do You Feel About Customer Service?

Government Service Like a Sloth

While the film has yet to come out, the scene couldn’t be funnier. It’s a preview of Disney’s new film, Zootopia, in which a rookie cop needs to run a license plate–fast. That brings us to the one place nothing ever goes quickly–your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You’ll see why in this clip. We’ve … Read moreGovernment Service Like a Sloth

A Simple Subscription–and Prescription for Success

Visited a doctor’s lab for a stress test today. Good news–the test went well. And the staff was really friendly and informative. They gave me some really helpful insight. And they walked (albeit at an incline) me through the entire process. Better–I was out of there in 30 minutes! Unbelievable for being on top of … Read moreA Simple Subscription–and Prescription for Success

“If You’ve Got Time to Lean, You’ve Got Time to Clean”

My previous article yesterday addressed whether or not the people of China would trash Disney’s newest park in Shanghai. I also discussed an experience of being at my gym and seeing it trashed. When I left that gym, I found sales people sitting around doing nothing. Yet, they could have spent just a few minutes … Read more“If You’ve Got Time to Lean, You’ve Got Time to Clean”

Cleanliness Begets Cleanliness–And More!

A recent poll by Shanghai Daily showed that over 1 in 4 readers were concerned about the potential misbehavior of other guests when in the park. Their concern is that it might not end up being the “happiest place on earth” after all. One person noted…”it will be the same old story, Chinese people have … Read moreCleanliness Begets Cleanliness–And More!

Words You Do Not Use With Customers

Recently I came across some photos I took when I did a program for Abu Dhabi University in the United Arab Emirates. I was asked to do a customer service program for their organization. I found the group to be bright, articulate and eager to improve their efforts to create a great student experience for … Read moreWords You Do Not Use With Customers

Cash, Gold and Penneys

Did you know that the man who founded J.C. Penney had “Cash” for a middle name? It’s actually James Cash Penney. But his philosophy wasn’t so much about cash or pennies. It was actually about gold. The Golden Rule that is. In order to invest and expand, James Cash Penney was tight with his money, … Read moreCash, Gold and Penneys

Every Number Has a Name

Yesterday, we spoke about places where people know your name. Today, we continue that same sentiment with this video from Chick-fil-A. It’s a marketing piece–something I might otherwise ignore, but I think that Chick-fil-A really does stand out in its commitment to 1:1 customer service. My daughter sent me the link. She worked for several years … Read moreEvery Number Has a Name