Making Professional Development Intentional

Our previous post mentioned the effect of not having employee development processes in place. Organizations can’t remain passive about employee development because the cost of losing talent is high. Natural attrition generally will not scale back the workforce according to the overarching plan for the agency. Too often, according to numerous sources, the wrong people are leaving … Read moreMaking Professional Development Intentional

From the Model T to Drones: Anticipating Customer Needs

Most all of us are familiar with the quote by Henry Ford: “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” The truism here is that sometimes customers don’t know what they really want, because they haven’t envisioned newer possibilities. They’ve locked themselves into old paradigms, and they simply can’t think … Read moreFrom the Model T to Drones: Anticipating Customer Needs

Congratulations to Great Organizations

A distinct feature about World Class Benchmarking programs is that we spend very little time in the classroom. We usually are out on the road visiting some of the really great organizations out there. They must be great, because eight of those organizations we have  benchmarked showed up this year in Fortune 100 Magazine’s Top … Read moreCongratulations to Great Organizations