Bio: Mark David Jones

Mark David Jones is an acclaimed consultant, having worked with dozens of Fortune 500 organizations in six of the seven continents of the world. As an author, who is also in high demand as a speaker, Mark has an innovative, results-focused passion for helping people make a difference.

Mark first joined the Walt Disney World Resort in 1978, working in a wide variety of leadership roles. After more than ten years, he left to establish The Consultant Network, eventually leading more than five dozen professional consultants.

In 1992, during his doctoral studies, Mark was recruited to lead the consulting team at the Federal Aviation Administration’s national training headquarters. He played a key role in leading the Department of Transportation’s organizational redesign – spearheading initiatives such as executive development, assessment and design, change dynamics, self-managed/directed work teams, and train-the-trainer programs.

Mark returned to the Walt Disney World Resort in 1996 to help direct the transformation of the Disney Institute Business Programs. While in this role, he was in charge of Leadership, Creativity & Innovation, and Quality Service initiatives. He also served externally as the senior project manager for numerous highly successful large-scale organizational initiatives for leading domestic and international corporations – many of which are showcased in the Disney-published book, Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service. In recognition of his contributions to the Disney organization, Mark was nominated for the prestigious “Partners in Excellence” award – Disney’s highest-regarded corporate award.

Currently, Mark serves as the Chief Operating Officer of World Class Benchmarking – a consortium of former Fortune 500 leaders that help businesses all over the globe achieve world-class leadership, employee engagement, customer service, and operational excellence.  As a thought leader, Mark’s most recent publications include being a contributing author for The ASTD Leadership Handbook- “the definitive guide on leadership with the collective wisdom of more than 40 experts”, as well as co-authoring the best-selling book Lead With Your Customer: Transform Culture and Brand into World-Class Excellence (2010). 

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