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“Leadership Matters…With this book in your possession the only thing holding you back from being a great leader is YOU.

The book has everything you need to know to Create Magic in your organization like Disney does. It is not magic that makes Disney World work. It is the way we work.”

Lee Cockrell, 
Former Executive Vice President, Walt Disney World® Resort 
and author of Creating Magic

Lead With Your Customer is chock full of real world examples that give any leader much to think about and to apply. What really stands out in this book is the sense that excellent customer service can be good fun–as well as good business. The Six P’s (Promise, People, Place, Process, Product, and Price) work in the public sector as well as in the private sector.”

Camille Barnett, 
Managing Director,
City of Philadelphia

“Finally! A proven approach to business success from experts who have real-world experience. Every professional-public or private sector-needs these amazing insights. It’s like getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the best companies-all in one extraordinary book. I’m recommending Lead With Your Customer to all our alumni around the world.”

Pamela Eyring, 
Protocol School of Washington

“In Lead With Your Customer, Jones & Kober share their deep experience, wisdom and amazing insights into what goes into creating world-class organizations. The book provides a proven, straight-forward roadmap for organizational excellence and creating a culture that drives employee engagement, customer loyalty, organizational identity, and bottom-line success. A ‘must read’ for every business professional.”

Sandi Dornhecker, 
Vice-President of Human Resources,
Chicago Zoological Society-Brookfield Zoo

“As a fan of efficiency, healthy relationships, effective leadership, and  success, I am re-energized by the proven techniques shared in Lead with the Customer.  Consistent, high performance does not happen by chance.  Over 20 years in local government have taught me that we must make decisions that matter, and the “blueprint” for making the most profitable, defensible business decisions is only a purchase away in Lead with the Customer. This book is simply a must-read for those of us who are serious about making an enduring impact on our careers and organizations.”

LaShon Ross, 
ACM/HR Director,
City of Plano, Texas

“What huge value in a single volume! Compared to a lot of other business books I’ve read, Lead With Your Customer is so rich with content that Jones and Kober could easily have spread the insight and wisdom in it over a dozen books and each one would have been thick, juicy, and nourishing. For me, one of their key insights is the understanding that keeping members of my team happy and keeping my customers happy are just different sides of the same coin. Since the same fundamental principles and processes apply to both areas, I can teach and apply a single approach to both my internal customers and my external customers, and be wildly successful with each.”

Scott Farnsworth, 
SunBridge, Inc

“Don’t let terms like “brand” fool you. This book may be filled with private sector examples, but there is widespread application to the business of government. Focusing everyone on a vision, operationalizing your values, delivering on your promises, and understanding your employees and customers by walking in their shoes are powerful concepts. They apply to every federal, state, and local government; indeed, they are indispensable if you want to transform your bureaucracies.”

David Osborne, 
Co-author of Reinventing Government and The Price of Government

“I was thrilled to see the message of culture, brand, and business results come together in one book. This is the first book that has done an effective job communicating the importance of creating an organizational culture that is consistent with the Brand Promise you want to deliver for your customer. Working with Presidents and their leadership teams every day to help private higher education THRIVE–Lead With Your Customer confirms for us that in order to sustainably maintain a WOW external customer experience, you have to invest and nurture a WOW internal customer experience–and the World Class Excellence Model provides a clear roadmap to get there.”

Tom Gavic, 
Performa Higher Education

Lead With Your Customer erases the line between your external brand and internal culture, and shows how they need to grow together as one organism. Happy customers, happy employees–you can’t have one without the other.”

Ben Yazici, 
City Manager,
Sammamish, WA

“Imagine! A book that helps you apply the Golden Rule to the most important people in your organization–your customers and the people who serve them. If you hold a fundamental belief in the dignity and capacity of people to contribute to a common purpose, Lead With Your Customer is for you. Incorporate these practical insights and easy-to-use techniques and watch the untapped energy in your organization produce world-class success!

Laurie Ohmann, 
The Public Strategies Group, Inc

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